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To use the OneTouch Ultra Meter, an individual inserts a OneTouch test strip into the device, selects the Apply Blood button and prepares the OneTouch Lancing Device, according to the instructions provided by OneTouch. He then punctures the skin and carefully applies a drop of blood to the test stri


Ensure the test strip code matches the code on the meter, insert the strip into the meter, obtain your blood sample, place the sample on the strip, and read your results, states OneTouch. Depending on when you're testing, you can take the sample from a fingertip, palm or arm.


One Touch Ultra test strips are available online from DiabeticExpress.com, EStore.AnimasCorp.com, CVS.com, Drugstore.com, DiabeticPromotions.com and Walgreens.com, according to the One Touch website. The strips can also be found at retail pharmacies that carry diabetic supplies.


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Residents of Ireland and the United Kingdom can obtain a free OneTouch Ultra 2 meter from the manufacturer, according to LifeScan. U.S. and Canadian residents can obtain a free OneTouch meter simply by filling out a form with their personal information. Instructions about how to obtain the meter are


OneTouch meters provide a reading that is about 12 percent higher than other types of blood glucose meters, such as ones that give whole-blood results, according to Drugs.com. It is possible to test that the meter and strips are working correctly by performing a control solution test.


The OneTouch Ultra 2 user guide is available to download and print for free from the manufacturer's website, OneTouch.ca or OneTouch.com. A user can also read the guide online as a PDF.


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