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Since succeeding her father on 6 February 1952, Queen Elizabeth II has been head of state of 32 different independent states; currently, there are 16 states, called Commonwealth realms.Within the Westminster system in each realm, the Queen's government is headed by a prime minister.Appointment and dismissal of prime ministers are common reserve powers that can be exercised by the Queen or her ...


The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is the head of the Government of the United Kingdom, and chairs Cabinet meetings. There is no specific date for when the office of Prime Minister first appeared, as the role was not created but rather evolved over a period of time through a merger of duties. However, the term was regularly if informally used of Walpole by the 1730s.


The Queen and her Prime Ministers 1952-2012 SHE revered one prime minister, thought another dull and one was ‘mad’. As David Cameron enthuses about their relationship, how have the monarch and ...


Queen Elizabeth II has dealt with 12 British prime ministers since her ascension to the throne on February 6, 1952: Sir Winston Churchill (1952-1955).


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List of prime ministers of Great Britain and the United Kingdom: The office of prime minister developed in Britain in the 18th century, when King George I ceased attending meetings of his ministers and it was left to powerful premiers to act as government chief executive. Sir Robert Walpole is generally considered to have been Britain’s first prime minister.


The United Kingdom doesn't have a President. It is a Constitutional Monarchy with Queen Elizabeth II as Head of State since 1952. The present Prime Minister is David Cameron who heads the government.


Theresa May's appointment as prime minister makes her the 13th PM to serve Queen Elizabeth II, since her coronation in 1952. Taking over from his Tory colleague, Eden was at the helm for the 1956 ...


List of Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom ... Theresa May has been Prime Minister since 13 July 2016. The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is the leader of Her Majesty's Government and chairs Cabinet meetings. It is the highest elected office in the United Kingdom. She later announced her resignation on May 24th,2019.


The Prime Minister is the political leader of the United Kingdom and is the head of the Government. So far there have been 15 Prime Ministers during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II (Harold Wilson serving twice, in 1964 and again in 1974). The official residence of the Prime Minister of Britain is 10 Downing Street, London.