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Consider the 140,000 times you’re likely to flush a toilet over a lifetime, and it’s easy to see why toilets guzzle nearly 30 percent of a home’s water use. Replacing older, inefficient ...


When looking at buying a new toilet, how do we know which one to buy? The aim of our compiling the best toilet reviews is to help you reach your decision.. In our more detailed individual reviews, we have given each an individual toilet rating based on our assessment of the toilet and how it compares to the other toilets we have reviewed.


Uberhaus toilets are purchased from unspecified Chinese manufacturers by the Canadian retailer RONA Inc. to be sold as private label products. RONA carries not only toilets but also a large variety of home and garden products under the Uberhaus brand name.


Corner toilets are particularly good for small spaces or for renovation projects that turn, say, a storage area into an extra bathroom. Low-Flow Toilets. Low-flow toilets, which use 1.28 gpf or less, are the wave of the future and are the only type that meet regulations in place in California, Colorado, Georgia and Texas.


Update: Went to the Rona store where I had originally bought the toilet. The associate was very honest and said he never recommends Uberhaus because of the terrible build quality. He said they're bound to fail in 1-2 years, so we should have stayed away from that toilet.


Round Front 1-Piece Toilet, 4 L/6 L, White is rated 2.5 out of 5 by 24. Rated 2 out of 5 by engineered from Good, tricky to install, fill valve failed in 2yrs I bought 3 of these on sale for a good price.


Toilet Review. Best Toilet. ... Use this information in the buyer’s guide and the reviews of the top rated toilets that we have provided to help guide you to the toilet that will fit into your bathroom, décor, and lifestyle perfectly.


10 Best One Piece Toilets Reviews of 2019. FIND THE PERFECT TOILET FOR YOUR HOUSE IN MINUTES. We have reviewed our top 10 choices below and also done in-depth reviews by brands, but if you are in a rush: Here’s our top choice: MS992CUMFG#01 from Toto (Check on Amazon.com)


There is no doubt about the importance of having a good toilet. Without having the best toilet working for you in your home, it can be an uncomfortable living experience! Even if you’re out on a camping or hunting trip, having a quality portable toilet is important. If you’re looking for the best toilet to ...


We purchased a Uberhaus 1 pc elongated dual flush toilet 2 years ago. The filling mechanism failed recently( it took over 5 minutes to fill the tank and my water bill went up 150%) and we were directed by the store manager to call Mechanair in Quebec for warranty service. This toilet has a 5 yr warranty.