The types of manometers include a U-tube manometer, well-type manometer, inclined manometer and dual-tube manometer. A manometer is an instrument used for measuring the pressure of liquids and gases. It is also referred ... More » Science Measurements

A manometer functions as a measurement tool for the pressure of gas. These tools generally measure the pressure of gases that are close to or below atmospheric pressure because atmospheric pressure is used as a gauge for... More »

Manometer problems deal in calculating the difference in gaseous pressure between any two surroundings. Normally, one outlet of the manometer is connected to a container filled with a certain gas, while the other outlet ... More » Science Chemistry Chemical Equations

A manometer measures the difference between two different points of pressure. A manometer works by balancing the weight of a column of fluid between the two points of interest. More »

A manometer is an instrument that measures pressure. Manometers originally were constructed to measure pressure by examining the heights of liquids in a contained shape, but now manometer commonly refers to all types of ... More »

The tube of the manometer is partially filled with mercury or water which settles in the bottom of the u-shaped tube, before the atmosphere being measured is allowed to enter the open end of the tube and move against the... More » Science Measurements

Examples of different types of scales include spring scales, floor scales, platform scales and bench scales. Some more rudimentary scale types include equal-arm beam scales, pendulum scales and steelyard scales. More »