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The official website for the United States Senate features a list of all the current senators. The list is in alphabetic order and includes the address, phone number and other contact information for each senator.


The United States Senate website has a page listing senators by state. The list is organized alphabetically by state. However, site visitors are able to refine the list by state, senator name or re-election year.


The U.S. Senate is comprised of two senators from each state, so there are 100 members of the Senate as of 2014. Residents of Washington D.C. are the only U.S. citizens who do not have representation in the Senate.


As of September 2015, members of the U.S. Senate for the 114th Congress include Mitch McConnell, Republican majority leader from Kentucky; John Cornyn, Republican majority whip from Texas; Harry Reid, Democratic minority leader from Nevada; and Richard Durbin, Democrati...


The U.S. Senate proposes and considers new laws, approves or rejects presidential nominations, provides advice and consent on international treaties, and serves as the high court for impeachment trials. Although the U.S. House of Representatives also works on new legisl...


As of 2015, Democrats Mark Warner and Tim Kaine are the U.S. Senators from Virginia. Senator Warner was first elected in 2008, while Senator Kaine won his first term in 2012.


A current list of all state senators in Michigan is found on the official Michigan Senate website, senate.michigan.gov. The site also has a downloadable app for mobile devices that contains information about the state senators.