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In the world of technology, PDF stands for portable document format. The purpose of this format is to ensure document presentation that is independent of hardware, operating systems or application software.


The U.S. Constitution was signed by 39 of the 55 delegates who attended the Constitutional Convention. Some delegates had already left the convention at the time of signing, and three delegates refused to sign. William Jackson, the convention secretary, who was not one ...


Portable Document Format is a file format created by Adobe that preserves formatting integrity across all platforms and may contain text, audio, video, links and form fields. The PDF file format is recognized and maintained by the International Organization for Standard...


The U.S. Constitution was penned during a convention held from May 25 to Sept. 17, 1787, originally known as the Philadelphia Convention but later referred to as the Constitutional Convention. The document was signed on Sept. 17, 1787.


PDF refers to portable document format, which is a type of electronic document file developed by Adobe Systems. The primary purpose of PDF is to enable sharing of electronic documents in a style that resembles printed documents.


You can edit a PDF using Adobe Acrobat XI software. Alternatively, convert the PDF into a Word file with Microsoft Word, edit the file in Word and then save it as a PDF.


The University of Iowa Libraries explains that the text of the U.S. Constitution is divided into seven individual articles, each containing multiple topics. In addition to the articles, there are 27 amendments to the Constitution that were added since its ratification.