Typing Club is a free online typing program designed to increase the speed of anyone wishing to improve their typing abilities. The program is divided into lessons, where users are required to obtain a certain score to m... More »

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There are many online resources including TypingClub.com, Typing-Lessons.org, Sense-Lang.org and Typing.com that offer free typing lesson and courses. These websites are free to use and offer not only lessons, but practi... More »

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Learn Typing, Typing Club and Sense-Lang are some good typing practice lessons. Each website offers progressive lessons that teach and guide students through the correct fingerings and offer lines of text for practice. More »

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To check the status of a Sam's Club job application online, the applicant must have registered for a free online account at the time of application. Once the application is submitted, all an applicant has to do is log ba... More »

Many websites, including Official-Typing-Test.com and TypeOnline.co.uk, offer free tests to practice your 10-key typing skills. Available tests vary from covering numbers only to covering both numbers and symbols; beginn... More »

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According to Penn State University, study skills refer to abilities that can be learned to improve study habits. Learning these skills helps improve the ability to learn, take tests and excel academically. More »

The M Life Players Club is program hosted by MGM Resorts International that provides special discounts, accommodations and other complementary perks to any MGM resort and casino customer simply by spending money there. T... More »

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