Typing Club is a free online typing program designed to increase the speed of anyone wishing to improve their typing abilities. The program is divided into lessons, where users are required to obtain a certain score to m... More »

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Typing Test and Rata Type are two websites that offer free online typing tests to assess words-per-minute typed and accuracy. The websites also offer free training activities, games and competitions designed to help typi... More »

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FreeTypingGame.net, TypingTest.com and NCH Software offer free typing practice on their websites. Users of these sites practice online through games or lessons, and some of the activities are also downloadable for offlin... More »

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To check the status of a Sam's Club job application online, the applicant must have registered for a free online account at the time of application. Once the application is submitted, all an applicant has to do is log ba... More »

Many websites, including Official-Typing-Test.com and TypeOnline.co.uk, offer free tests to practice your 10-key typing skills. Available tests vary from covering numbers only to covering both numbers and symbols; beginn... More »

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According to Penn State University, study skills refer to abilities that can be learned to improve study habits. Learning these skills helps improve the ability to learn, take tests and excel academically. More »

The Stouffer’s Dinner Club was a loyalty reward program through Stouffer’s Frozen Foods that awarded points to customers who purchased certain Stouffer’s products. The customers were able to redeem these points for prize... More »

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