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And most people do eat breakfast. Typical fast breakfast is a pair of sandwiches with cheese or sausage (kolbasa). Russian sandwiches differ from US sandwiches a lot – it is usually a slice of bread, often some butter and a slice or two of cheese or sausage as seen in my post about Russian iconic “doctor” sausage.


Oh and just for the record: all the food you will see in this post is by no means a daily breakfast of a typical Russian. Some of these dishes are made only on weekends because in today’s busy life there is no time to make something sophisticated in the mornings. Let’s see what I have prepared for my traditional Russian breakfast! Pancakes


The most important Russian breakfast is warm sweet kasha. It's easy to eat and digest, it fills you up with warmth and brings you back to life. Also, they are quick to make. Most of cafes and restaurants in Russia serve kasha in the morning time. ...


While hotels in Russia usually provide American-style breakfasts with cereal, eggs, and orange juice for tourists, it's pretty uncommon to see these foods on the breakfast table in the typical Russian home. Traditional Russian food tends to be more simple and filling, than what you'll find in the typical hotel breakfast spread. If you are traveling through Russia and staying with locals or...


Russia has its own ideas about how and what to eat. Russian people like to eat home-cooked food, and rarely buy prepared meals at supermarkets. Usually Russians eat three times a day and prefer potatoes, which are eaten almost daily. The three meals of the day in Russia are zavtrak, obed and uzhin.


Eat breakfast yourself, Share dinner with a friend, But give supper to your enemy! Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. It should be eaten, not shared or given away. Breakfast in Russia is usually eaten at 8:00 A.M. and is very filling. A typical Russian breakfast is blini served with sour cream and milk or tea.


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7 Russian breakfasts so you can start every day the right way. ... What do Russians eat for breakfast? Here are our recommendations for everyday, quick-to-prepare meals that will help you have a ...


Russian dinner foods, just like their lunches (and sometimes even their breakfasts) are quite heavy.A typical Russian dinner will consist of one or more salads, which are heavy, filled with potatoes and often mayonnaise, with flavors coming from beets, onions, pickles, and various kinds of meat (these salads are actually delicious—don’t knock it ‘till you’ve tried it!).


Russian Dinner. I initially planned a separate post about the Russian dinner, but quickly understood that Russian dinner is very similar to the Russian lunch. It is usually the main dish and tea with sweets or cakes instead of kompot or kisel. Now it is difficult to say what is a typical time for a Russian, living in Moscow to eat dinner.