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Carpenters often use mallets to secure pieces of wood together by bluntly striking the pieces until they fit into holes and other openings. People often use wooden mallets to create and shape other kinds of tools.


Mallet finger is typically treated with a splint to keep the joint straight while it heals, according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. Patients typically wear a splint for roughly eight weeks and gradually decrease use as the finger regains normal functi...


To treat mallet finger with a splint, it is important to wear a splint all of the time for three to eight weeks, depending on the severity of the condition, according to MedlinePlus. Following that, wear the splint for another three to four weeks, but only at night.


Some different types of wooden measuring cups are wooden measuring cups made by Windrush, wooden measuring cups from Ponders Old World Market and hand-carved wooden measuring spoons available from Kitchen Carvings. All of these measuring cups are available in cherry woo...


The different types of wooden deck plans available can have different features, such as pergolas, stairs and arbors, and there are many different designs available to fit in with an existing home style and configuration. Some design styles for single and multi-level dec...


John Wooden is most famous for winning 10 national championships as the head coach of the University of California, Los Angeles, men's basketball team. Wooden was also a famous college basketball player in his youth.


To start building a door, lay out boards according to the horizontal width of the doorway, and then nail each one to a horizontal support board laid across them at top and bottom. Finally, reinforce the door by nailing each board to an additional, diagonal piece of wood...