The common types of wire splices are the Western Union splice, tap splice, staggered splice, fixture splice and rat-tail joint splice. Splices are used to connect two wires for the purpose of carrying either electrical c... More »

Electrical wires must first be stripped, then twisted together and covered with a wire nut in a junction box in order to be spliced together properly, according to Home Depot. Splicing joins two or more electrical wires ... More »

A duplex wire splice is used to join wires in parallel. This allows the wires to connect to other networks. Wire splices are used in countless electrical home repair and other projects. More »

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Some recommended kinds of propane soldering torches include the Smith Little Torch, MECO Midget Torch and the Hoke Torch, according to These torches are commonly used for making jewelry. More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Tools