Electromagnetic waves do not require a medium to be transmitted. These waves, which freely travel through different types of materials, are produced due to the combined effects of a magnetic field and an electric field. More »

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A sound wave takes on the form of a longitudinal wave. Sound waves are also classified as mechanical waves since they require a medium to travel through. More »

Water waves are generally classified as deep-water waves or shallow-water waves. Deep-water waves are produced through oscillation, occurring when the water depth surpasses half the length of the waves. Shallow-water wav... More »

The medium of a wave is any substance that carries the wave, or through which the wave travels. Ocean waves are carried by water, sound waves are carried by air, and the seismic waves of an earthquake are carried by rock... More »

Light is composed of photons, which are discrete collections of energy with wave and particle properties, while sound travels as a wave through a medium, which makes it travel more slowly. While light and sound have some... More »

A periodic wave is a series of regular timed disturbances in a medium. The mediums that carry such waves varies, but for periodic sound waves, air is a common medium. More »

Sound is classified as a mechanical wave because it requires a medium to propagate its energy and cannot be heard in vacuum. There are two broad classes of waves - mechanical and electromagnetic. One requires a medium to... More »