The main wave types are breaking, constructive, deep water, destructive, inshore, internal, Kelvin, seiche, shallow water and surging waves. Ocean waves are usually categorized based on formation and behavior. More »

Water waves are generally classified as deep-water waves or shallow-water waves. Deep-water waves are produced through oscillation, occurring when the water depth surpasses half the length of the waves. Shallow-water wav... More »

Three types of mechanical waves are transverse waves, longitudinal waves and surface waves. Mechanical waves are different from electromagnetic waves in that they can't propagate in a vacuum; they need a physical medium,... More »

Ocean water is moved by three different forces: waves, currents and tides. These forces cause ocean water to move around the vast area that the ocean covers. More »

An ocean wave is a disturbance in the ocean that transmits energy from one place to another. Ocean waves are usually generated by wind on the ocean's surface. They may also be caused by underwater earthquakes, which can ... More »

According to Livescience, the highest waves in the ocean tower at over 550 feet. They typically happen in the South China Sea's Luzon Strait, and these waves rarely break the surface of the water. More »

Wave refraction at a shoreline occurs when a wave approaches the shoreline at a straight angle, and the wave crest over the shallower part of the water moves slower than the wave crest over the deeper water. The wave ref... More »