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Tortoiseshell is a cat coat coloring named for its similarity to tortoiseshell material. Like calicos, tortoiseshell cats are almost exclusively female. Male tortoiseshells are rare and are usually sterile. Also called torties for short, tortoiseshell cats combine two colors other than white, either closely mixed or in larger patches.


Much like calico cats, tortoiseshell cats have some pretty interesting genetics–and have become mainstays in folklore all over the world. Whether you're considering adopting a tortie or if you're already a tortie parent, read on for some fascinating facts–and super cute pictures!–of tortoiseshell cats and kittens.


The Tortoiseshell cat is one terrific cat made up of a marvelous combination of multiple colors and patterns. Its coat is what identifies this type of cat. Both pedigree and mixed breed domestic cats can have tortoiseshell fur or coats. They are also unique in that they are usually always female.


The Manx cat, the Scottish Fold cat, the American short hair, British short hair, Oriental short hair cat, Siberian cat, Exotic short hair cat, and the Persian cat. Even exotic breeds like the LaPerm cat, Munchkin cat, American curl, the Sphynx cat and the Devon rex and Cornish rex cats have tortoiseshell colored individuals on a regular basis.


What is a tortoiseshell cat? A tortoiseshell cat, also known as a tortie, is a cat born with a fur pattern resembling the mottled red and black tortoiseshell material.Even the paw pads might have some spotting. “Tortoiseshell” is usually reserved for multicolored cats that have rather small or no white markings.


Tortoiseshell describes a type of animal coloration🐱 found mostly in female cats. Cats of this color are mottled, with patches of orange or cream and chocolate, black or blue. They are sometimes called torties for short. The term "tortoiseshell" is typically reserved for cats with brindle coats...


If you're putting together a cat-themed calendar, you should consider Tortoiseshell cats for the month of November. Torties are coated in the lovely colors of Fall, which makes them perfect for that month. Tortoiseshell cats, like calicos, are almost always female and the rare male "Torties" are almost always sterile. The reasons for these ...


Tortoiseshell Color Pattern Cat Breeds. Though the Tortoiseshell Cat is often mistaken as a breed, it is not a breed, but a coat pattern. However, the Tortoiseshell coat markings are accepted in many different breeds. Domestic cat breeds that can exhibit tortoiseshell coat markings include: Natural Breed Cats Abyssinian Cat American Shorthhair Cat


Tortoiseshell markings appear in many different breeds. The unique genetics of tortoiseshell cats. In addition to their unique personalities, torties also have unique genetics. The vast majority of tortoiseshell cats are female, because two X chromosomes are required to produce black, gold and orange coloring.


A tortoiseshell cat is not a cat breed onto itself. "Tortoiseshell" refers to the pattern in a cat’s fur coat, a result of a combination of genetic and developmental factors. Tortoiseshell cats are usually female; however, some male cats (approximately 1 in 3,000) can be born with a torty coat.