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Types of Sturge-Weber Syndrome. Sturge-Weber Syndrome (encephelotrigeminal angiomatosis) is a congenital, non-familial disorder of unknown incidence and cause. It is characterized by a congenital facial birthmark and neurological abnormalities. Other symptoms associated with Sturge-Weber can include eye and internal organ irregularities.


Sturge–Weber syndrome or Sturge–Weber–Krabbe disease, sometimes referred to as encephalotrigeminal angiomatosis, is a rare congenital neurological and skin disorder. It is one of the phakomatoses and is often associated with port-wine stains of the face, glaucoma, seizures, intellectual disability, and ipsilateral leptomeningeal angioma (cerebral malformations and tumors).


Types of Sturge-Weber Syndrome including less common types and symptoms and diagnosis of the correct subtype.


General Discussion Summary. Sturge-Weber syndrome (SWS) is a rare disorder characterized by the association of a facial birthmark called a port-wine birthmark, neurological abnormalities, and eye abnormalities such as glaucoma.


Sturge Weber syndrome (also known as Sturge Weber disease or encephalotrigeminal angiomatosis) is a rare disorder present at birth. This disease is usually characterized by the presence of so called port wine stain birthmark on the face, eye and neurological abnormalities.


The NINDS supports a broad program of research to better understand congenital seizure disorders. This research is aimed at developing techniques to diagnose, treat, prevent, and ultimately cure disorders such as Sturge-Weber syndrome. Sturge-Weber syndrome is a neurological disorder indicated at ...


Out of the 3 types of sturge weber syndrome (Roach Scale)[4], only 24 cases of SWS Type III have been reported so far in literature. Fig 1 .


Sturge-Weber syndrome is a disorder of the skin and nervous system. Its most noticeable symptom is a light pink to deep purple birthmark on the face called a port wine stain. However, not all people who have a port wine stain have Sturge-Weber syndrome.


Sturge Weber Syndrome is caused by a mutation in the GNAQ gene. Learn about its classifications, types of seizures that occur, how its diagnosed and treated, and the outlook for people with SWS.


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