Social stratification in the Caribbean has been influenced by slavery, colonialism, plantations and indentured servitude, according to Cape Sociology. The upper class consisted of white plantation owners, the middle clas... More »

Social stratification is a termed used to describe the separation of classes of people within a particular society. Stratification can be based on multiple factors. More »

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The Caribbean, also commonly called the West Indies, is a region located between North and South America, as well as east of Central America in the Caribbean Sea. The name "Caribbean" refers to all land and water in the... More »

There are 25 countries in the geographical region known as the Caribbean. The archipelago breaks down into sub-regions that include the Bahamas, the Greater Antilles and the Lesser Antilles. More »

Roman Catholicism was the first form of Christianity to be introduced in the Caribbean, according to Cape Sociology, arriving as early as 1493 with the Spanish conquistadores who explored and settled Caribbean islands. P... More »

There are over 7,000 islands that are found in the Caribbean. Most of these islands are part of different territories and also are in different geographical groups like the Lesser and Greater Antilles. Although some isla... More » Geography Caribbean