Two common types of store security tags are RFID tags, which use a radio frequency, and ink tags, which burst and spray ink if a special tool is not used to remove them. These tags must be deactivated or removed by store... More »

Plastic clip tags, magnetic strips, RFID chips and ink tags reduce clothing theft in retail stores. Some manufacturers also embed their own customized security tag when the clothes are made. The cashier deactivates the t... More » Business & Finance Business Resources Managing a Business

The appropriate way to remove a security tag from an item of clothing is to return to the store where the garment was purchased, with a receipt, and request removal by store personnel. Do-it-yourself strategies typically... More »

The BI HomeGuard 200 is a radio frequency, electronic, tamper-resistant monitoring device. The device is used by correctional agencies to monitor the presence of an individual at any given time. More »

Examples of vandalism include altering or defacing road signs and spray painting a person’s property with the intent of disfiguring it. Other forms of vandalism include scratching paint off another person’s car, defacing... More »

Parole can be a useful tool in corrections, both for reducing the cost of incarcerating inmates and for helping ease them back into society. The conditional nature of the release can encourage good behavior while behind ... More »

A number of situations are viewed as Social Security fraud, including misuse of benefits, making false statements on claims and buying or selling Social Security cards, according to the Office of the Inspector General. C... More » Government & Politics Crime