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Rivets For Leather. We supply a large variety of rivets and setters for leather craft work. We have easy to rivets and rivet setters for general leather craft work. We have stronger rivets that we use in most of our leather work called rapid rivets. For dog collars we recommend the double cap rivets which are even stronger.


Other rivet types include light-gauge hollow rivets that are typically used to join leather or fabrics, drive rivets, and semi-tubular rivets. Most aircraft skins are attached using large numbers of highly-specialized, friction lock rivets that are countersunk to offer little or no aerodynamic drag during flight. Some specialized rivet types ...


How to set copper rivets & burrs, splash rivets, and Jiffy Rivets. If you have any questions about this or any other Tack Tip feel free to call us at (800)634-4502.


Nail-head rivets and decorative rivets work best on metal. To use this type of rivet with leather, place washers/spacers between the leather and the rivet heads (both sides) to hold the rivets in place. Otherwise, the small heads on these rivets tend to pull right through pliable materials like leather.


There are many types of rivets: blind rivets, solid rivets, tubular rivets, drive rivets, split rivets, shoulder rivets, tinners rivets, mate rivets, and belt rivets. Each type of rivet has unique benefits, making each ideal for a different type of fastening. They’re are also available in different materials, sizes and finishes, as needed.


Solid rivets are some of the most popular mechanical fasteners. Although various types of rivets are available, the solid types are the oldest and most reliable. For this reason, they are widely used where safety is of paramount importance. They can be installed through various methods which ...


Solid rivets are one of the oldest and most reliable types of fasteners, having been found in archaeological findings dating back to the Bronze Age.Solid rivets consist simply of a shaft and head that are deformed with a hammer or rivet gun.A rivet compression or crimping tool can also deform this type of rivet.


Rivets let you attach two or more pieces of leather together when they are set through holes in the leather. They come in a variety of finishes so you can choose rivets that intentionally stand out against your leather or rivets that blend in. There are a few different kinds, but I'm just going to show you the easiest for now.


This is a demonstration to show how we can fix a broken strap of bags or belt or anything else using split or bifurcated rivets. Materials such as leather, plywood, vulcanised fibre, cloths and ...