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A 10-key typing test determines how accurate and efficient a typist is at recording strings of numbers. Some tests require candidates to type ZIP codes, while others measure a candidate's ability to record numbers and math symbols combined.


Many websites, including Official-Typing-Test.com and TypeOnline.co.uk, offer free tests to practice your 10-key typing skills. Available tests vary from covering numbers only to covering both numbers and symbols; beginner tests are available as well.


Some types of satellite keys include BISS keys, Viaccess keys and Nagravision keys. Other keys, such as AES keys, Conax keys, and Constant Control World keys, are used less often by most consumers. BISS, which stands for Basic Interoperable Scrambling System, is a satellite scrambling system develop


Key symptoms of Type 2 diabetes include frequent urination, increased hunger and thirst, weight loss and fatigue, according to Mayo Clinic. Other symptoms of Type 2 diabetes include blurred vision, frequent infections, sores that are slow to heal and patches of darkened skin.


Online ten-key learning tools are available from popular typing practice sites such as Typing.com, Learn2Type and Touchtype.co. Other ten-key teaching programs can be found by performing an Internet search for "ten key practice."


According to About.com, a variety of experiments involving chemical reactions can be demonstrated in a laboratory, including a thermite and ice reaction, the Briggs-Rauscher oscillating clock, the dancing gummy bear reaction and others. Many of these entertaining experiments use common substances su


How to use your natural sense of intrigue to energize your day. How do dogs accurately anticipate what time their owners will be home from work each day? Is sugar truly more addictive than some illegal drugs? And does Reddit serve as a forum for lively debate on grammar and syntax? Don’t click those


There are different types of trumpets distinguished by the key it is tuned to. Learn about the various types of trumpets There are different types of trumpets distinguished by the key it is tuned to. Here are the various types of trumpets:


Welcome to the Florida vacation of your family's Key lime dreams: snorkeling, kayaking, hammock napping, and, yes, good pie. Our expert 14-year-old guide, Lily, leads the way to three idyllic resorts Welcome to the Florida vacation of your family's Key lime dreams: snorkeling, kayaking, hammock napp


Rocket Lab is in the process of developing a way to recover the rockets it launches, despite their originally being designed as fully expendable launch vehicles. The company had a surprise announcement on Wednesday: It has already managed to successfully catch an Electron in mid-air, during a test m