The different types of polygons include convex, concave, regular, irregular, simple or complex. Polygons will have half of these qualities. More »

A polygon can be any number of shapes. A polygon is a two dimensional shape made of at least 3 straight lines that do not cross and is a closed shape. Examples of polygons would include triangles, squares, rectangles, he... More » Math Geometry Shapes

A pentagon is the name for a five-sided polygon. However, there are different types of five-sided polygons, such as irregular, regular, concave and convex pentagons. More »

A concave quadrilateral is a shape that has four sides and contains an indentation where the internal angle is greater than 180 degrees. The most common example of a concave quadrilateral is a shape whose left and right ... More »

According to Math Open Reference, a concave polygon refers to a polygon or a plane figure that has one or more interior angles that measure greater than 180 degrees. This type of polygon is the opposite of the convex pol... More » Math Geometry Shapes

A convex quadrilateral is a four-sided figure with interior angles of less than 180 degrees each and both of its diagonals contained within the shape. A diagonal is a line drawn from one angle to an opposite angle, and t... More »

Hexagons are six-sided polygons. The root word hexa means six, indicating the hexagon's characteristic six sides, which sets it apart from other polygons. More »