Some of the common piercing places on the body are the ears, nose, eyebrows, lips, tongue and navel, according to Love To Know Tattoos. The most popular piercing locations are the ears. Many tattoo shops and retail jewel... More »

Anywhere on the head where hair does not obstruct the piercing process, a piercing can be made. There are nine primary types of head and facial piercings. Most have sub-types that describe their appearance and position i... More » Beauty & Fashion Body Art Piercing has dedicated a page to body modification, including lip piercings. In the piercing section of the page, choose facial piercings and explore the Labrets and Lowbrets and Medusa/Philtrum links, which discuss spe... More » Beauty & Fashion Body Art Piercing

There are many venues that do professional piercings for the nose as well as other body parts like the ear, eyebrow, tongue and lip. Some tattoo parlors may also offer a piercing service. More »

In most cases, a swallowed tongue ring passes from the body via a bowel movement without incident. A tongue ring typically is designed in two parts, including a blunt component in the shape of a ball and a sharper post o... More »

Like all piercings and permanent body modifications, nose piercings do hurt. A nose piercing hurts somewhat more than a belly or ear piercing due to location, but the piercing professional may be able to apply topical an... More » Beauty & Fashion Body Art Piercing

A person can change a navel ring once the puncture wound has healed, which takes approximately nine months to one year, according to the Center for Young Women's Health. Healing time varies, based on the care the navel r... More »