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Marketing Career Opportunities: 9 Common Types of Marketing Jobs. Need help getting your marketing dream job? Let us help! Click here to schedule time for a free mentor session. Marketing is defined as being the intermediary function between product development and increasing brand awareness.


Marketing is not only about trying to sell a service or product directly to consumers. It is a profession that has many aspects to it, and there are many individuals who work behind the scenes too. Here, we will have a look at the different types of marketing jobs that one can choose from.


eCommerce Marketing Job Titles eCommerce Marketing seeks to draw the attention of internet users to the brands and products offered by online stores through pay-per-click advertising (PPC), search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), display advertising, affiliate marketing, and email marketing.


USA TODAY Classifieds Blog. 7 Types of Marketing Jobs to Explore. Marketing has come a long way from radio jingles and milk carton ads. Business in the digital age has taken this creative career field and made it a world of opportunity. Students who study marketing can go on to build websites and smartphone apps.


A career in marketing can take you in several different directions. Marketing is comprised of many facets and activities. You will find that there are many opportunities in marketing, but the common denominator of those opportunities is the sense of ownership over the product and/or service and the necessity to understand the customer's needs and desires and then be able to translate those ...


The main function of marketing is to promote a company's products or services. Jobs in this field require competent communication skills, because employees need to communicate internally and, in some circumstances, externally to the target market. People just starting in marketing come from all educational ...


The job search portal CareerCast.com found the best jobs in advertising and marketing based on work environment, income, stress, physical demands, and job outlook. Here are eight of them.


Holding a marketing degree or having experience in the marketing field allows you the opportunity to work in a variety of different jobs. If you are drawn to the Internet and social media, a job in Internet marketing might be ideal. Alternatively, if you enjoy interacting with people and working with others on ...


With over 200,000 jobs in 2012, marketing jobs as a whole are expected to increase about 12 percent by 2022. Marketing Salaries. There are a few different types of marketing careers, but even so, the median pay is fairly good.


The marketing field covers a broad range of career paths, from the creative to the analytical. Read some marketing job description tasks and responsibilities. At the entry level, you find media buyers responsible for purchasing advertising time and materials.