A wide variety of fish, including cod, flounder and wolffish, eat young lobsters. Once lobsters reach maturity, however, they have few predators aside from man. An adult lobster is most vulnerable to predators when it is... More »

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Lobsters eat fish, worms, mollusks, other crustaceans, plants, sea urchins and snails. They are omnivores, meaning they consume both plant and animal life. Lobsters prefer to hunt and eat live prey but do scour the ocean... More »

To eat a whole, cooked lobster, enjoy the meat as is or with melted butter as you crack open each section. Start by twisting off the legs, followed by the claws and the tail, then break the body in half. You need a lobst... More »

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According to the St. Lawrence Global Observatory, some animals that eat lobsters are the sculpin, wolffish, cod, skate, tench, flounder, monkfish, dogfish, cunner and ocean pout. However, these fish only feed on lobsters... More »

Sea urchins are eaten by birds, sea stars, cod, lobsters and foxes. Purple sea urchins are also eaten by otters in the northwest. Sea urchin eggs, also called roe, are eaten as a delicacy by people in Asia. More »

The narwhal, a medium-sized whale with a long tooth that looks like a unicorn's horn, feeds on fish that swim in Arctic seas such as Greenland halibut, arctic cod, polar cod, squid, shrimp and cuttlefish. Because narwhal... More »

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Dolphins eat a variety of fish depending on their species and location, with bottom-dwelling and schooling fish such as mackerel, hake and cod, being popular among ocean-dwelling species like the Atlantic white-sided dol... More »

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