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In order to be eligible for a Doctor of Juridical Science program a person must have a Juris Doctor degree or a master of law degree. There are some law schools that have a preference of which type of degree a person has before entering the program. Most programs will expect an individual to submit their dissertation proposals upon applying.


There are other types of law degrees available which do not conform to the standard law school progression. The Master of Legal Studies (MLS) is a graduate degree designed for those who do not ...


Civil rights law strikes at the balance of governmental power and individual liberties. Although this is a small and competitive field, many lawyers whose main practices are in other fields serve as civil rights lawyers by taking cases on a pro bono (without a charge or a fee) basis.


Types of Law Programs. A legal education can open up new and interesting career opportunities. Law schools offer a variety of degrees or certificates to match your goals — and your schedule. JD Degree. If you want to practice law in the United States, you’ll probably need this degree, but it’s also useful in other career paths. ...


However, the process has only just begun for these hopeful students before they set off to pursue a career in specialized or general law practice. From intellectual property law to environmental and health care law, the type of law a student chooses to study will drastically impact career opportunities in the field.


MLS programs typically take 16 to 28 months to complete depending on full-time or part-time options. Program Outcomes: Graduates of legal studies degree programs typically pursue careers in law-adjacent fields such as business, human resources, regulatory agencies, law enforcement, and social work.


Harvard Law School students have the opportunity to study abroad through numerous exchange programs with law schools in other countries or at other top-flight foreign law schools of their choosing and receive credit toward the J.D.


Types of Law Degrees and Specializations. ... In addition to offering specialized areas of study, many law schools have instituted formal dual-degree programs that offer students the opportunity to pursue a JD while also working toward a Master's degree. Although the JD/MBA combination is the most popular joint-degree sought, many universities ...


Find the right LLM or other law program for you by researching law schools below. You can also search by program type and interest area by creating an LLM account.In your account, you can save your search results to build a list of schools you're considering applying to.


The first year of classes is the same at all law schools. Every school offers a core curriculum of civil procedure, criminal law, contracts, legal research and writing, legal methods, torts, constitutional law, and property. You'll branch out into different types of law after the first year.