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Landscape Research lists the types of migration as labor, forced, international, internal, voluntary and inter-regional migration. Animals and birds normally migrate due to changes in environmental conditions and the need for reproduction. Human beings may migrate in se...


Most bird species migrate during the year in order to find better resources such as food and shelter. The migration cycles depend not only on the bird species, but also the bird's current location.


Migrations are caused by poverty, armed conflicts, economic hardships, political unrests and social persecution. The 2015 Syrian migration is due to the civil war taking place in the country. These migrants are fleeing the region to escape death and destruction.


Human migration is a complex behavior with many causes, but at its root it usually occurs because people believe they are leaving a bad situation for a better one. War, poverty and lack of opportunity are common causes of migration.


The Great Migration was a large movement of African American people out of the southern United States after Reconstruction. This movement lasted from around 1915 through the 1960s. During this time, over 6 million people moved north and west toward urban areas, creating...


There are few observable traits distinguishing migrating animals from non-migratory species. Many birds, such as Arctic terns, mallards and bar-tailed godwits migrate across vast distances, while some of their close relatives remain in the same place all year. There are...


Internal migration is the movement of people from one place to another within a particular country. People can migrate due to several reasons, including social, political, environmental and economical factors.