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There are 150 diagnostic headache categories, but the most common are tension headaches, migraines, mixed headache syndrome, cluster headaches and sinus headaches, states WebMD. Headaches can be hereditary, with migraines being the most common in terms of being passed down genetically.


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Most headaches can be helped with over-the-counter pain relievers, including aspirin and products containing ibuprofen or those containing acetaminophen. Other methods for treating headache pain include meditation, cognitive behavioral therapy, relaxation training and biofeedback, according to Mayo


Primary headaches can be caused by consuming alcohol, skipping meals, eating certain foods, stress or a lack of sleep, state Mayo Clinic. Secondary headaches can be precipitated by several conditions, such as having acute sinusitis, concussion, influenza, a hangover or dental problems.


Headaches are classified as either primary or secondary, and primary headaches are caused by problems with the structures in the head that are sensitive to pain. Secondary headaches are caused by any one of a number of underlying medical conditions. In these cases, the medical condition generally ca


Patients who are experiencing severe headaches and migraines may need to see a neurologist, states Everyday Health. Patients who experience frequent headaches or who take over-the-counter medication for their headaches at least 10 days each month may also need to see a neurologist.


A headache with pain on top of the head is generally a tension headache, reports Health.com. Tension headaches are the most common of the major types of headaches among adults and feel like steady pressure on top or on both sides of the head; they last from a half hour up to several days, explains W


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Symptoms of a pressure headache are a continuous, dull headache with pain felt on the temples and a sense of pressure or tightness around or across the forehead, reports WebMD. Also, there is pain and tenderness on the back of the head, neck and shoulder muscles, states Mayo Clinic.


The symptoms of a stress headache, or tension headache, include dull, aching pain; tenderness in the scalp, shoulder or neck regions; and pressure or tightness on the sides or back of the head or across the forehead, explains Mayo Clinic. The pain is usually mild to moderate in intensity.