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Use a clothesline instead of a dryer to dry your clothes in warm, dry weather. You save money, energy, and the clothes smell great after drying in the fresh air! One reader says, “You get a little exercise, too!” Here are tips on how to choose an outdoor clothesline:. The average load of wash uses about 35 feet of line; your clothesline should accommodate at least that.


Outdoor clotheslines, at their simplest, consists of a piece of rope or wire stretched between two points, but we offer laundry lines in all shapes and sizes, from simple pulley systems to umbrella clothes lines. Solar and wind energy at it's best. We have everything you need to set up an eco-friendly line-drying system outdoors or indoors.


Depending on the model you purchase, the lines can be stretched between 30 to 50 meters. Despite being a modern type of clothes it is still quite cheap. However, make sure you avoid those that have a plastic cabinet. Although you will have enough room on the lines to hang clothes, hanging large loads is not recommended.


A stretchy clothes line will cause serious sagging when you hang wet clothes from it and with the weight of the clothes you could find that longer items like jeans might end up dragging on the ground. 1 - Nylon. Nylon clothes lines are the most popular and the least expensive.


If you start hanging clothes while the tightener is in the middle, it’s going to run into the pulley closest to you and the line will get stuck halfway through and you’ll have to walk over to the other half of the line to finish hanging your clothes. (If your line tightener is on the lower line instead of the upper line, start with the line ...


A sturdy clothesline pole fixed properly will ensure that the lines do not sway. Similarly, high quality outdoor clothesline cord strung taut between poles will ensure that the lines do not sag or rust. Many types of clothesline cords exist, and it is important to choose the best one.


A clothes line or washing line is any type of rope, cord, or twine that has been stretched between two points (e.g. two sticks), outside or indoors, above the level of the ground. Clothing that has recently been washed is hung along the line to dry, using clothes pegs or clothespins.


Find and save ideas about Outdoor clothes lines on Pinterest. See more ideas about Outdoor laundry lines, Laundry washing lines and Laundry area. Find and save ideas about Outdoor clothes lines on Pinterest. See more ideas about Outdoor laundry lines, Laundry washing lines and Laundry area.


The smell of clothes dried out in the fresh air and sunshine is hard to beat. This umbrella-style clothesline helps you get them out there with ease. Made of aluminum, it has 30 lines, with 210 feet of drying capacity that surround the center pole. It’s already assembled, so all you have to do is unfold it, and you’re ready to go.


I’ve always had clothes lines in my yard, love to hang my clothes. I enjoyed reading about your weekend project. We’re moving and I wanted my clothes line poles moved, so I found some one who could move them for me. My poles have a sentimental value for me, my Father put them up for me.