The mallard, wood duck, green-winged teal, northern shoveler and black-bellied whistling duck are some of the over 25 species of ducks living in North America. Ducks belong to different categories based on shared feature... More »

Because of their wide distribution through many types of habitats, ducks have many predators. Some of these include hawks, coyotes, foxes and large fish. While swimming, ducks are also susceptible to predators such as al... More »

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Some different species of duck include the mallard, the muscovy and the bufflehead. Although they do not closely resemble their colorful wild cousins in terms of plumage, the common domesticated duck is actually the same... More » Pets & Animals Birds Waterfowl

Wood ducks, which are also known as Carolina ducks, are a highly colorful and ornate species of duck that live in wooded swamps, where they can nest in tree holes. These are one of the few duck species that have claws on... More »

Some — but not all — species of ducks mate for life. Geese are known to mate for life, and although ducks are social animals who prefer to live in large groups, they typically have multiple mates. More »

All adult ducks can fly with the exception of three species of streamer ducks in South America. Similar to their geese relatives, most ducks are migratory birds, flying from one mild climate to another in spring and autu... More »