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The difference between these two types of cross-connections is very simple. A direct cross-connection is subject to backpressure (as shown above); an indirect cross-connection is not subject to backpressure. An example of a direct cross-connection would be the make-up water line feeding a recirculating system.


What is a cross connection? Health risks & effects on drinking water when plumbing cross connections are present Cross connections - plumbing errors at water softener drains Bacterial hazards caused by cross connections at water softeners, sump pumps, garden hoses, dishwashers, washing machines, etc. What is a plumbing cross connection and why are they bad?


Explaining Cross-Connections, Backflow Prevention, & Safe Drinking Water. Cross-Connection Control Program Regulation. Purpose. The following is presented to provide a general explanation on the subject of backflow prevention.

fccchr.usc.edu/_downloads/Cross Talk Archives/2006.24.3.pdf

of Cross-Connection Control, we find that a cross-connection is, by definition, “…any actual or potential con-nection or structural arrangement between a public or a consumer’s potable water system and any other source or system, through Direct vs Indirect Cross-Connections continued from page 1 which it is possible to introduce into any part


The Different types of Backflow/Cross Connections. What are backflow prevention devices and what do they do? Good question. Backflows are found in all commercial buildings, restaurants, and medical facilities. These devices are designed to contain all chemicals, whether food grade or of the cleaning kind as well as any blood borne contaminates.


The type of backflow preventer recommended or required at possible cross connections is determined by the hazard level. So who dictates the hazard level for each building type, line type, and possible scenario? That's pretty complicated.


Cross connections are found in all plumbing systems. It is important that each cross connection be identified and evaluated as to the type of backflow protection required to protect the drinking water supply.


Cross-connections are hardware (cables, cords, and jumpers) that connect separate units of the facilities within a data center. They are usually maintained by a single data center or across multiple data centers, and can be used for many purposes: Trading companies may use hundreds of cross-connections between servers to ensure trades are done as quickly as possible.


Cross-connections’ Contamination Woes. By Robert W. Powitz, Ph.D., MPH, RS, CFSP. In all the years I worked as a regulatory sanitarian, I cannot recall many instances where I did not find some violation of the plumbing system’s installation during my inspections, principally cross-connections of one type or another.


Cross-connection types Overview. Alcatel-Lucent 1665 DMXtend has cross-connect capabilities offering users flexibility in directing traffic flow through systems to support a wide variety of customer applications using one-way and multi-point (data specific) cross-connections.