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Different Types of Constitution. A constitution has been defined as a body of rules established to regulate the system of government within a state. The reason for drafting a codified constitution is usually associated with the time in which a particular State is formed or associated with a major change that has taken place at national level.


Types of Constitution: 1. Written Constitution: A written constitution means a constitution written in the form of a book or a series of documents combined in the form of a book. It is a consciously framed and enacted constitution. It is formulated and adopted by a constituent assembly or a council or a legislature.


This article presents a history of ideas of constitutional designs and conceptions of constitutionalism. It discusses the problem with typologies, identifying the object, the constitution as law, constitutions as expressions of political ideas, and national and international constitutions.


What Is a Constitution? Principles and Concepts August 2014 About this series These constitution-building primers are intended to assist in-country constitution-building or constitutional-reform processes by: (i) helping citizens, political parties, civil society organisations, public officials, and members of constituent assemblies, to


CONSTITUTION AND CLASSIFICATION OF THE NATURAL SILICATES Hennv Brnu.tN, Haraard, Unioersity, Cambrid.ge, Mass. CoNrBwrs f. General Introduction and Theory. . . 342 Introduction . 342 Older Concepts Concerning the Constitution of the Silicates 343 Results of the X-ray Analyses of Silicate Structures . 34.5


CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this


Types of Constitution * Written and Unwritten Most constitutions are enacted or codified, either in a single document or series of documents. Many countries have followed the models of the US or French constitutions. The UK constitution is considered to be unwritten, despite key documents such as the Human Rights Act 1998 which could be viewed ...


It is a type of the constitution where powers are not separated and cannot be exercised by different state entities like within the Rigid constitution, therefore other state organs may be influenced by each other, for example, the governer influencing the court to rule in his favour or the favour of the most previleged.


Types of constitution-1-Unitary-is related to parliament. It follows parliamentary system power. For example of unitary constitution: The United.


In 1979, a new constitution was drawn with a presidential system put in place. This was known as the Second Republic. In 1993, the Third Republic was established with a new constitution, but it was weak. Nigeria's present-day constitution was implemented in 1999, and it is similar in many ways to the Constitution of the United States.