The devil firefish and the emperor angelfish are a couple of the more commonly known species of bony fish. Other commonly known species are the emperor snapper, the garden eel, pineapple fish and the pipefish. More »

There are three main types of modern fish: bony fishes, cartilaginous fishes and the bizarre and ancient jawless fishes. Bony fishes are far and away the most common fishes in rivers, lakes and oceans. Jawless fishes, wh... More » Pets & Animals Marine Life Fish

Some types of fish are sharks, rays, lampreys, catfish, lungfish, herring, tuna, pufferfish, coelecanth and gobies. Other types include angelfish, tetras, gouramis, cichlids, guppies and goldfish. Each of these refer to ... More »

Some examples of bony fish include the devil firefish, the emperor angelfish, the emperor snapper, the pineapple fish and the garden eel. These bony fish represent only a tiny portion of the 28,000 species of bony fish i... More »

The diet of a bony fish includes plankton, crustaceans, invertebrates and other fish, depending on the species. There are over 28,000 species of bony fish. More »

The majority of fish in the world are classified as bony fish, including nearly all commercial and sport fishes. Bony fish are classified by their skeletons that are made, at least partially, of true bone rather than car... More »

Three common characteristics of all bony fish are that they have a bone skeleton, externally fertilize their eggs and have bony platelike scales. Bony fish are also known as Osteichthyes, and cover a diverse group of fis... More »