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Personal finance refers to any and all decisions that relate to the budget of an individual or family. This can include monthly income and their monthly expenses. Loans, credit cards, investment accounts and retirement plans are also a part of personal finance.


Some different types of bonds include U.S. Treasury bills, savings bonds and municipal bonds, according to About.com. Other bonds are the junk bonds, high-yield bonds and government bonds.


Finance helps businesses achieve their goals by providing the funding they need to achieve them. Without funding, businesses cannot be successful.


An insurance bond is a single premium life insurance policy that policy holders use as a savings investment, according to Investopedia. Common in the United Kingdom and other foreign countries, an insurance bond also allows investors to avoid paying taxes on their earnings if they do not make any wi


War bonds are government-issued debt securities released to finance military operations during times of war. Typically, a war bond is issued at a return of rate that is lower than the average market rate for similar type of securities.


A U.S. savings bond is a debt security that is issued by the Department of the Treasury. Its function is to pay for the borrowing needs of the government. A savings bond is backed by the credit of the U.S. government and considered a safe investment.


International finance, also known as international macroeconomics, refers to a branch of financial economics that deals with monetary systems and economics that surpass national borders. This field focuses on global capital markets through monitoring and examining trade practices across borders, glo


OneMain Financial is a personal loan company that offers both secured and unsecured loans in amounts from $300 to $15,000 as of 2015. Maximum loan limits vary by state.


The function of risk financing is to help companies align the extent to which they are able to tackle financial risks with their willingness to do so. Risk financing is also an integral part of risk management, which allows companies to reach organizational objectives while reducing the level of unc


Water molecules have covalent bonds. Each molecule consists of two hydrogen and oxygen covalent bonds. However, when water molecules are placed together, as they are normally, the hydrogen atoms in each molecule can form hydrogen bonds with the oxygen atom of other molecules.