The economy of Russia is a market-based and global economy. Economic reforms that took place in 1990 has lead to privatized industries. More »

Russia has a semi-democratic government system with an elected president. The president shares control with the prime minister. More »

Spain has a mixed capitalist economy, which means both the state and the private sector directs the condition of the economy. In terms of per capita income, Spain has the 12th largest economy in the world. More »

As one of the largest economies in the world, Russia stands as the 17th largest importer of goods in the world as of 2013. With an import spending that is projected at $317.8 billion, approximately 18.1 percent of Russia... More »

A diversified economy is an economy that has a number of different revenue streams and provides nations with the ability for sustainable growth because there is not a reliance on one particular type of revenue. This dive... More »

Afghanistan has a primitive type of economy dependent on agriculture, the illegal opium trade and foreign aid. Though its abundance of natural resources such as natural gas, petroleum and many types of minerals has the p... More »

An agrarian economy is a type of economy that relies primarily on agricultural industry including livestock farming or crop production. It is a form of economy whose major factor of production is the agricultural land. P... More »