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Some of the many colleges in Houston, Texas, include the University of Houston system, Texas Southern University, Houston Community College, Houston Baptist University, Westwood College, Rice University, University of Saint Thomas, Remington College, San Jacinto College, Strayer University, Lone Sta


Drivers can often obtain their driving records online from the website of the Department of Motor Vehicles or Department of Licensing in the state that issued the license. Most states charge a fee to order a driving record.


There is a plethora of home telephone service providers that serve the Austin, Texas area. The Public Utility Commission of Texas has a collated list of 20 such providers on its website where residents can find contact information to use when planning to set up service.


The U.S. Geological Survey records the lake levels of all lakes in Texas on a daily basis. Its website provides current gauge levels and the discharge rate in cubic feet per second. As of August 2014, the deepest lake is Lake Travis, with a maximum depth of 210 feet.


If a Dallas bank is a member of a chain, as with Texas Capital Bank and Bank of America, then you can locate the Dallas branch by visiting the bank locator on these websites. Click on the Locations tab on both websites and enter Dallas into the search engines.


Some popular attractions in Round Top, Texas, include the McAshan Herb Gardens, Briscoe Center for American History and Bybee Square. Visitors can also go antiquing at Marburger Farm or during Antique Weekend and the Vintage Texas Antique Show.


An impact driver looks similar to a power drill, but its only function is to drive or remove screws. It provides the same type of rotation as a drill but adds concussive strikes for driving large screws through hard wood.


As of January 2016, there are several online telephone directories for Austin, Texas, including those offered by HelloAustin.com, Addresses.com, Texas.FindLinks.com, PhoneBookoftheWorld.com and WhitePages.com. All these online directories allow users to search by last name, address or partial phone


An employer can legally check a potential employee's driver's license record as part of a background check. This usually occurs in cases where an employer provides a vehicle for the employee's use, since illegal activities or reckless driving on the employee's part can be a liability for the employe


Order a Driver Record by Mail. To order a driver record by mail, complete a driver record request form (PDF) by following the instructions on the form and submit with the appropriate payment to: Texas Department of Public Safety PO Box 149008 Austin, Texas 78714-9008