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The Types of Court Cases. Criminal Cases; Civil Cases; In criminal cases, the government brings a case against one or more defendants. The defendant in a criminal case is the person being accused of committing a crime by the government. At the U.S. District Court level, the government is represented by the United States Attorney (or an Assistant United States Attorney), also called the ...


The two main types of courts in the United States are the federal court system and the state court system. Although these two courts have separate responsibilities, they often interact with each other, such as when a state court case is appealed to a federal court.


Cases involving “diversity of citizenship," which are disputes between two parties not from the same state or country, and where the claim meets a set dollar threshold for damages. More specifically, federal courts hear criminal, civil, and bankruptcy cases. And once a case is decided, it can often be appealed.


Other types of cases like name changes, elder abuse, civil harassment, and many others. Unlike in criminal cases, there is no right to a court-appointed lawyer in most civil cases. This means that, if you cannot afford a lawyer and you cannot get a legal aid or pro bono (volunteer) lawyer, you have to represent yourself.


The types of cases heard in federal court are those in which the United States is directly involved. For example, cases with parties in different states often qualify for federal court. Federal courts also hear cases pertaining to Constitutional law, copyright, patient law, maritime activity and violations of federal laws.


There are two kinds of cases that are heard in the trial courts: civil cases and criminal cases. Eighty percent of conflicts that come to state courts are civil cases. Civil cases involve conflicts between people or institutions, such as businesses. A civil case usually begins when a person or ...


The Supreme Court can hear two types of cases: The most common type of case is an appeal, which requires that the case is first heard by a lower court. The Court chooses its own docket each ...


Court cases can take a variety of different shapes and sizes, so when filing your court case it is important to know a bit about each one. Learn about the different types of court cases and how each one proceeds. A Basic Overview. California court cases fall under one of two categories of state courts: trial and appellate.


The kind of cases that a court gets to hear are determined by the 'subject matter jurisdiction' that the court has. A federal court has exclusive jurisdiction (i.e. is the only court that gets to hear) cases arising out of the US Constitution, as well as some other limited types of cases like bankruptcy cases and tax cases. Other than these limited excepts, state courts can handle pretty m...


State courts, for the most part, interpret state law and tend to hear the types of cases that affect the personal lives of many residents, such as probate, family law, and most criminal law. Federal courts consist of district courts, appellate courts, and the U.S. Supreme Court, and hear many different kinds of cases.