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A car title serves as a record of a vehicle's legal owner. If your name isn't on the title, you don't have the legal rights to register or sell the car. States allow you to put multiple names on the title if there's more than one owner. If you're buying a car with someone else, it's important ...


Suppose the original title had two individuals’ names on it, say a parent and child. At some point, the parent chooses to give the car completely to the child as a gift. This will require having the parent remove his or her name from the title as described in this article. Complete the form as a transfer, with the sale price as $0.


If the registration and title show two different names, the owner (the name on the title certificate) must authorize the other person to register the vehicle by completing box 3 on the Vehicle Registration/Title Application (PDF) (MV-82) form.


If more than one owner exists on a car title, all must sign to legally release vehicle ownership. While many states require the two signatures on the title, the exact place to sign may differ. For this reason, you should completely read your title over to identify any co-owner signature instructions, should any exist. ...


In the event you opt for two names on the title and only one on the mortgage, both of you are owners. The person who signed the mortgage, however, is the one obligated to pay off the loan. If you’re not on the mortgage, you aren’t held responsible by the lending institution for ensuring the loan is paid. Not on mortgage or title


When a CA title has 2 names on it the way the names are recorded will decide who can sell the vehicle. If the names on the title read "person 1 / person 2" then both parties would have to sign off ...


A property with a sole ownership title is in the name of one person. Who it’s best for : Single people living alone or the spouse who is purchasing a property as an investment .


What are the laws regarding having two names on a car title? Life at home has become too difficult to handle and I've been considering moving out. Upon my parents hearing that, they immediately threatened me with "If you move out, you don't get to keep the car" (They don't want me to move out).


Vehicles can be jointly owned and titled in two different names, or a car can be owned individually. The way a vehicle is owned and titled impacts the way it is transferred after an owner's death. Depending on the state and the way the owners' names are listed on the title, the surviving co-owner may ...


Look at the word between your names, usually found at the right side of your title. 1) If it’s an Or – John Doe OR Joe Ross – then the ownership is joint tenancy with an expressed intent that either of the owners has full authority to transfer ownership of the vehicle, license plates and/or fees or to record loan information.