To receive a TWIC card, make an appointment at a Transportation Security Administration enrollment center; the card is not obtained through private employers or offices. Bring all requested identity documents and complet... More » Business & Finance Careers

Transportation workers seeking information regarding a transportation worker identification credentials card can call the Universal Enrollment Services center at 1-855-347-8371. Employers, facility owners and operators a... More »

Transportation workers looking for transportation worker identification credential information should call 1-855-347-8371 during the hours of 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday, as of 2015. Employers, unions, ... More » Government & Politics Public Records

Enrolling for a TWIC card requires a visit to an enrollment center. The process involves a security threat assessment, after which the applicant is notified of the results before a TWIC card is issued. The card is valid ... More »

To apply for a Transportation Worker Identification Credential, you must schedule an appointment to visit a local Universal Enrollment Center. During your appointment, fill out the TWIC Disclosure and Certification Form,... More » Business & Finance Careers

Obtaining a transportation worker identification credential (TWIC) card is a four-step enrollment process as reported on the Transportation Security Administration's Universal Enroll Services (UES) website. The enrollmen... More »

United States citizens and some legal immigrants with full mental capacity and no links to terrorism are eligible for a Transportation Worker Identification Credential, according to the Transportation Security Administra... More »