Enrolling for a TWIC card requires a visit to an enrollment center. The process involves a security threat assessment, after which the applicant is notified of the results before a TWIC card is issued. The card is valid ... More »

It costs $128 to renew a Transportation Worker Identification Credential card, according to the Transportation Security Administration’s official website TSA.gov. As of 2015, cardholders with a hazardous materials endors... More »

Each state or territory within the country of Australia issues its own proof-of-age cards and has its own application, states the Australian Government. Australian proof-of-age cards are a form of government identificati... More »

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To receive a TWIC card, make an appointment at a Transportation Security Administration enrollment center; the card is not obtained through private employers or offices. Bring all requested identity documents and complet... More »

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To apply for a Transportation Worker Identification Credential, you must schedule an appointment to visit a local Universal Enrollment Center. During your appointment, fill out the TWIC Disclosure and Certification Form,... More »

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As of 2015, the Transportation Worker Identification Credential enrollment center is at IdentoGO, 116 IPSCO Street, Decatur, AL 35601-7412. The Transportation Security Administration advises that the center is next to th... More »

According to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the TWIC card – Transportation Worker Identification Credential – is required under the Maritime Transportation Security Act for workers to access secured ar... More »

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