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Things that come in groups of 12 are called dozens. The word "dozen" is derived from "douzaine," the French word for "exactly 12." This French word, in turn, is derived from the Latin word for twelve, "duodecim."


An app is a shortened version of the noun “application.” The term is primarily used in the fields of technology, more specifically in the computing, gaming and mobile market. The word “app” is used to identify a wide range of software.


Generally called a mobile app, a mobile application is a computer program designed to run on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet computer. Mobile apps allow users to connect to Internet services previously only accessible on desktop or notebook computers.


Some free scale apps include Mobile Digital Scale Lite, Precision Digital Scale, Digital Mobi Scales and Digital Weight Scale. Many of these scale apps have a paid counterpart with greater amounts of functionality in terms of accuracy, quantity and measurement types.


The list of apps that allow users to text from their computers includes Mysms and MightyText. Both apps let users synchronize their Android phones with a computer or a tablet, allowing for call notifications and free text messaging to other users, provided they use the same app.


Google Apps is a collection of services created by Google for use by businesses, schools and individual users. Google Apps allows its clients to administer these services through their own domains, rather than directly through Google.


Some good apps for an iPod include Facebook, Tweetbot, Skype, Kindle and Instagram. These apps, however, only function on later generation iPod Touch models that possess Internet connectivity.


Apple runs App Stores for Macintosh computers and for its mobile devices. To download an app from the Mac App Store, you need an Apple ID. Once you have logged in successfully, search for free applications, and you should find some available for installation.


Agent is an Android application that contains a suite of software called Agents that help users manage things like important calls during sleep hours, battery power, parking location, driver assist and phone volume during meetings. Agent features programmable context-based triggers to activate custo


To install apps from the Windows 8 app store, sign in to your Microsoft account, open the store from the Start screen or desktop toolbar, browse for apps, and click Buy, Try or Install. Downloaded apps are listed in the Apps view and can be pinned to the Start screen.