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I just got a new Ipod classic 160 GB version. I wanted to ask if it's just me or do the new classic's not turn off? Whenever I hold play, the screen and music shut off, but the ipod isn't completely off. Then, when I press a button or take hold off, the screen just lights up again without the preload apple logo screen. Help?


How to Turn Off Your iPod Classic. Unlike smaller iPods, the iPod Classic contains a hard drive and up to 160 gigabytes of storage. An iPod Classic requires more battery power than most iPods, and it takes about 4 hours to charge. You will...


weshoward07 it should turn off if you just hold down play button until it turns off. It is one of the early signs of upcoming malfunctioning iPod if it start with difficulty turning it off. Also try a soft reset by pressing the menu button and the center button at the same time. Hold the buttons dow... - iPod Classic


Turn off an iPod Classic by depressing the Pause/Play button for several seconds until the device powers down. Verify that the iPod is off by checking the device display. An iPod that is powered off has a blank display and does not wake when the wheel is touched.


Im getting a bit embarassed with asking such stupid questions but how do I turn my classic off? At present I just hold down the centre button and it goes off. But it only takes one single press of any button and it sparks into life instantly with no delay straight back to where I had it before, it seems like its only in a hibernation mode.


I know how tiring and exhausting it is to try and switch off your ipod classic with that whole reset procedure and all the other ways out there !!! Here is a much more guaranteed method !!


Ipod classic turns itself off. Please complete a security check no verification methods are currently available. please come back later.what the do solve my problem? My ipod 4 fell in a puddles of water outside and i put it in a towel dryer it aand put it in rice . it turns on but the problem is thee touch screen? Ipod classic turningitself on


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I took an airplane to Florida for vacation and before we took off or landed, the guy said to turn off any electronic devices (including iPods). The problem is, the iPod doesn't turn off. When you hold play, it just puts it to sleep. It's still running though because when you touch the scroll wheel, it's back on instantly.