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The oven-roasting bag keeps the turkey very moist and it speeds up the roasting time. The following cooking times can be used as a guideline for an unstuffed turkey roasted in an oven bag in a 350°F conventional oven. An additional 30 minutes or more may be required for a stuffed turkey.


The times on this chart are based on placing the whole turkey on a rack in a roasting pan, and into a preheated 350 degree F (175 degrees C) oven. Your recipe may call for a different temperature and overall time, and your oven may run hotter or cooler. (That's why you NEED an oven thermometer for the best, most reliable results.)


If you are using a conventional oven recipe, the chart above will help you determine approximately how long to roast a stuffed and unstuffed turkey. If you have a convection oven, know that this will move things along faster. The roasting times in the chart are for a preheated 325 F oven.


Calculate Turkey Roasting Time and Temperature The simplest say to figure out turkey roasting times is to calculate 13 minutes per pound at 350°F for an unstuffed turkey (that's about 3 hours for ...


More help: Thanksgiving 911 Over the years at Sunset, we have cooked 1,000 turkeys or more, in ovens and on barbecues, charting cooking temperatures and times.Here are our tried-and-true techniques for turkey. Roasting chart. Turkey weight with giblets: 10-13 lb. Oven temp.: 350°


How to Cook a Turkey: Basic Steps ... Place the bird on a rack in a roasting pan, and into a preheated 350 degree F (175 degrees C) oven (or follow recipe instructions). See how long to cook a turkey. ... Never partially roast a turkey the day before to save on cooking time the next day. This creates the perfect environment for bacterial growth.


Make sure you use a bone-in turkey breast for this recipe -- it's the key to moist, juicy meat. 1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Fit a small roasting pan with a V-shaped rack. Drizzle oil over turkey breast, and season with salt and pepper. Center turkey breast on rack. Transfer to oven, and roast ...


For crisper skin, unwrap the turkey the day before roasting and leave it uncovered in the refrigerator overnight. 3. When calculating your roasting time, plan on about 15 minutes per pound. 4. A ...


The turkey is the centerpiece of the Thanksgiving meal, and there are plenty of techniques for cooking one, from frying to spatchcocking to roasting upside down and turning halfway. But sometimes the classic way is the best. We will talk you through brining, stuffing, trussing and roasting, along with extra turkey tips to help you through the holiday.


Turkey Cooking Times Article - Using the recommended time and temperature guidelines will ensure that the meat is cooked to the minimum safe internal temperature, which is critical in preventing food-borne illness that can be caused by undercooked turkey.