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"Best brine for smoked turkey around. This recipe was given to me by my uncle. He is always smoking meat. EDITOR'S NOTE: This recipe uses canning or kosher salt, not table salt. Using table salt in this amount will make the brine too salty."


How To Make Turkey Brine For Your Smoked Turkeys. For the best results, putting together a good smoked turkey brine makes all the difference. Combining everything in a bucket and stirring works, but isn't the best method. By simmering the salt and seasonings first, your brined turkey will be a smoked masterpiece.


One of the best ways to make a better turkey is with a good brine. Brining a turkey is a process of adding moisture and flavor to the meat by soaking the bird in a salt-water mixture before cooking. But the brine doesn't have to be just salt and water—there are many ways to make a great brine and these recipes are among the best. Whether you're roasting, grilling, smoking, cooking rotisser...


Turkey brine with apple spice will add moisture, tenderness, and those amazing fall flavors of apples, fresh herbs, and spices to your turkey! This turkey brine recipe will become a regular for all your holiday gatherings. The Best Turkey Brine. There are several ways to brine a turkey, some prefer a dry brine of just a ratio of salt and sugar ...


Take your Thanksgiving turkey to the next level this year with Alton Brown's recipe for Honey Brined Smoked Turkey from Food Network.


Smoked Turkey Brine Recipes For Savory Smoked Turkey Thanksgiving 2005 Brine. This is the brine recipe I used for my Thanksgiving turkey of 2005. It turned out very tasty and moist. Give it a try and see what you think. The addition of ginger to the turkey brine was an experiment that went well.


I have smoked 3 turkeys now using this recipe, our family enjoys it a lot. When brining, I place the (usually 18-20lb) turkey in a 5 gallon food grade bucket and let it soak in the brine for 3 days, rather than what the recipe calls for of overnight.


This is a very basic brine recipe for preparing meats and fish for smoking. Add any personal taste preferences to the brine for additional flavor enhancement. I like to add white wine, soy sauce and various herbs and spices. Anything that you like will work, so experiment at will.


Get ready for Turkey Day with this epic Traeger Turkey recipe. Brine your bird to lock in juices and flavor, then slow smoke and roast that chick for a memorable meal that's flavorfully rewarding.


We ate this easy brined smoked turkey breast for Sunday dinner with all the usual Thanksgiving fixings. The best thing about this recipe is that you get a delicious dinner that reaps loads of leftovers that you can slice thinly for healthy lunchmeat. Yesterday turkey dinner; today sandwiches and salads! smoked turkey breast brine