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True West is a play by American playwright Sam Shepard.. Some critics consider it the third of a Family Trilogy which includes Curse of the Starving Class (1976) and Buried Child (1979). Others consider it part of a quintet which includes Fool for Love (1983) and A Lie of the Mind (1985).. True West was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1983.


True West is a play by American playwright Sam Shepard. Like most of his works it is inspired by myths of American life and popular culture. The play is a more traditional narrative than most of the plays that Shepard has written.Some critics consider it the third of a Family Trilogy which includes Curse of the Starving Class (1976) and Buried ...


So True West fits the family drama bill. It just happens to deal with a really messed up family. Keep it Real, Bro. Yes, there is symbolism in True West, and sure the end gets a little metaphorical, but this is a realistic play by almost any measure. Shepard creates dialogue that is meant to reflect the way people speak.


The Old West vs. the New West. The old West versus the new West is not a topic meant for historical debate, but a no holds barred fight to the death. Austin is the representative of the order created by the suburban new West while Lee is the representative of the desert old West and the chaos it represents.


Sam Shepard's play True West is a play in a sense about the role of the west in popular culture. It is set in Los Angeles, a city that is associated with the false images Hollywood produces of the...


Although the Cain-and-Abel style of sibling rivalry this play focuses on is admirable, "True West" is another Sam Shepard drama that perplexes much more than enlightens. (Although as far as Bible stories goes, perhaps it's more like the prodigal son and a really annoyed younger brother.)


One Old, New, and True Western Man True West Analysis: Themes and Character Analysis of Austin and Lee. In the play True West, Sam Shepard explores a heated brother rivalry between Austin and Lee, where order and mundane typewriting madly spiral into toaster theft, golf smashing, and chaos.As the brothers clash, their juxtaposing personalities and values of the new West’s tranquility and the ...


The Broadway première of Sam Shepard’s acclaimed 1980 play, “True West,” in 2000, was astonishing for several reasons. For one, by 2000, Shepard—who had brought his cowboy swagger ...

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True West 1 True West (1980) by Sam Shepard Characters AUSTIN: early thirties, light blue sports shirt, light tan cardigan sweater, clean blue jeans, white tennis shoes LEE: his older brother, early forties, filthy white t-shirt, tattered brown overcoat covered with dust, dark blue baggy suit pants from the Salvation Army, pink suede belt, pointed black forties


Austin, a neatly dressed screenwriter, house-sits for his mother in southern California while working on a screenplay. His brother, Lee, a scruffy drunk, arrives to the house and pesters Austin. Lee is not there for house-sitting, however, but for stealing. Lee's only interest at first is to rob the houses in his mother's neighborhood of ...