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True West 1 True West (1980) by Sam Shepard Characters AUSTIN: early thirties, light blue sports shirt, light tan cardigan sweater, clean blue jeans, white tennis shoes LEE: his older brother, early forties, filthy white t-shirt, tattered brown overcoat covered with dust, dark blue baggy suit pants from the Salvation Army, pink suede belt, pointed black forties


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Article (PDF Available) · November 2017 ... In True West, Shepard presents a contrary vision to the traditional American Dream that infuses much of our life and literature. Sam Shepard gives a ...


View True West .pdf from ENG 110 at University of British Columbia. True West 1 True West (1980) by Sam Shepard Characters AUSTIN: early thirties, light blue sports shirt, light tan cardigan sweater,


TRUE WEST ACT 2, SCENE 5 Morning. LEE at the table in alcove with a set of golf clubs in a fancy leather bag. AUSTIN at sink washing a few dishes.

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True West takes place in a kitchen and in the adjoining breakfast alcove area of a well-kept Southern California suburban home about forty miles east of Los Angeles. The alcove is filled with house plants, mostly Boston ferns hanging in planters.


In “True West,” the father’s drunken chaos infects everything. (Austin talks about his father having his teeth pulled in Juárez, then losing his false teeth in a bag of chop suey.) That ...


True West is set in a suburban kitchen east of Los Angeles, although its title evokes myths of the American frontier. According to legend, the West once offered opportunities for freedom and ...


True West Summary. Austin, a writer in his 30s, has come to stay at his mother's house outside of Los Angeles while she's in Alaska on vacation. He's left his wife and kids in Northern California in order to research and work on his latest script, and to meet with a big time Hollywood producer who has shown serious interest in the project.


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