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Climate change stems from numerous sources, including accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, the burning of coal and fossil fuels and even some natural Earth activities such as volcanic eruptions. Some climate change comes from natural phenomena, including the changing path of Earth's o


Current global climate change is the seventh climate change event in the past 650,000 years. Unlike past climate change episodes, many experts believe that human activity plays an important role in current global climate changes.


Possible solutions to climate change include ceasing the use of fossil fuels, being more efficient in energy consumption and halting the cutting down of so many trees each year. Limiting the amount of children couples have may also have a profound impact on climate change.


Global warming indicates a change in the average temperature of the Earth as a whole, while climate change involves several factors in a localized situation. The media uses the two terms interchangeably, which often leads to confusion.


According to reporters from Think Progress and Bloomberg News, people deny climate change partly because of an echo chamber effect that shuns differing opinions and partly because of aggressive campaigns by the fossil fuel industry. As of 2016, climate change denial is supported by 16 percent of the


Some so-called facts have been around for so long, we automatically accept them as being true — like a blue sky — without questioning the science behind the myths. Whether you heard these untruths from your friends at school or your parents or grandparents, it’s time to do some autocorrecting to get


Climate change is real. It's happening. It's accelerating. And it's our fault. It's real. It's happening. It's accelerating. And it's our fault. Human activity — particularly the production of greenhouse gasses from fossil fuel emissions — is reshaping our planet, effecting rapid environmental chang


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A simple, quick read summarizing global climate change, including what it is, how it happens, and what the consequences are. A discussion of global climate change, also called global warming, can get very complicated very quickly. Fortunately, it can be explained rather simply. Here are the basics y


From grolar bears and other hybrids to stronger heroin and less wine, climate change is impacting our planet on a grand scale. Read full profile Winter is coming! Now, where’s the snow? Are you thinking to yourself… global warming? Why not? Maybe you’re the socially conscious type and you’ve been fo