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The curb weight, also known as the tare weight, of a car is the total weight of the car once it is manufactured. The curb weight contrasts with the gross vehicular weight, which is the curb weight of the car plus its passengers and cargo.


The curb weight of a vehicle is the total weight of the vehicle with all of its equipment, including a full tank of gas and coolant and motor oil, but without any cargo or passengers. This is the standard weight that is used by manufacturers when assigning a weight to a...


To determine the curb weight of an automobile, check the owner's manual, fill the required amount of fluids in the vehicle, and weigh the vehicle using car scales at a landfill or auto garage. When weighing the vehicle, avoid having accessories or cargo inside it.


A body weight chart is a chart that shows healthy weight based on height, according to Rush University Medical Center. The weight chart on Rush University Medical Center's website indicates normal, overweight and obese ranges for heights beginning at 4 foot 10 inches an...


A white curb can be meant to designate several different things depending on the laws of the city or town, like a passenger load and unload zone or a reserved spot for police or fire department vehicles. White curbs often designate tow-away zones where people are only p...


For the 2014 model year, the base curb weight of a Jeep Cherokee is 4,044 pounds. This weight is the same for each of the four 2014 Cherokee models: the Cherokee Sport, Cherokee Latitude, Cherokee Trailhawk and Cherokee Limited.


One chart included in the U.S. Dept. of Energy’s Alternative Fuels Data Center, or AFDC, shows the Federal Highway Administration’s vehicle class types based on weight. A second chart shows vehicle weights, weight classes and categories as defined by three government ag...