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How to Troubleshoot Hot Tub Jets. Learn how to troubleshoot hot tub jets and what some of the most common hot tub jet problems are and how you can fix them yourself. Hot Tub High Limit Switch Troubleshooting. Find out what you need to do to troubleshoot a misbehaving hot tub high limit switch so you can go back to soaking safely.


The best time to start thinking about spa maintenance and repair options is before you even purchase your hot tub. When you buy a hot tub from a reputable Hot Spring dealer , your package includes access to a wealth of expert knowledge and certified technicians who can ensure the best possible outcome when your spa experiences problems.


We'll help you troubleshoot a few of the most common hot tub problems so that you can get it back up and running quickly. The GFCI Trips. A common problem is powering a hot tub back up after cleaning. Often, during the cleaning process, the GFCI will trip and shut the hot tub off. This can also happen at other times, such as when it's in heat ...


Wiring a Hot Tub Cord. Hot Tub Electrical Wiring Problems. NOTE: If a plumber does not have an electrical contractors license then they should not be considered as an authorized electrical service technician. As the seller has stated, there is a possibility that the plumber made a mistake with the electrical connection. Hot Tub Electrical Cord


Hot Tub Troubleshooting. Hot tub Setup. There are two basic types of hot tub electrical setups. One is the plug and play model that simply plugs into a standard electrical outlet. This type of spa has a 110v heater in the U.S. and Canada and usually comes with a GFCI mounted directly to the power cord.


When you talk about hot tub problems, water chemistry maintenance tops the list as the most frequent issue. This is the most common hot tub problem and arguably the easiest to fix! When you open your hot tub cover the first check you want to make is the water cleanliness, checking for algae, mold, and bacteria.


How to Troubleshoot Common Hot Tub Problems. Unfortunately, hot tubs don’t always work the way we want them to. Heaters may not heat, water flow will be low or nonexistent, leaks can pop up and water chemistry can go awry. The good news is that most hot tub problems can be remedied with a little bit of troubleshooting and a quick fix or two.


Troubleshooting Tips For Hot Tubs With A Circuit Board If your spa does not have a circuit board, click here for mechanical troubleshooting. Our complete troubleshooting library can be found here. We repair Hot Tub circuit boards! Click for more information. Click On A Problem Below To See The Solution:


A faulty breaker can trip a breaker as well. Try unplugging the hot tub and plugging in a small appliance. If the breaker kicks off, you need to call an electrician to repair your home’s electrical circuit. Overheating Jacuzzi hot tub. Shut off the circuit breaker to your hot tub and open the control box. Look for the heater contactor.


GFCI issues are a relatively common occurrence with hot tubs, and often can be resolved with little fuss or expense. However, because electricity and water are an extremely dangerous combination, make sure you know what you’re doing before troubleshooting any electrical problems.