To trim split ends, separate the hair into four equal sections, twist one section at a time, and trim away any loose split ends that stray away from the twist. Finish each section by trimming the end of the twist. More » Beauty & Fashion Hair

To trim split ends, wash and condition the hair, dry it, comb it, hold a small section in one hand, run the thumb and forefinger of your other hand from the tip to the roots, and trim the split ends. This 45-minute proce... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Hairstyles

Split ends in hair are caused by mechanical heating devices, chemical hair products, over-dryness, adverse weather conditions, age, and excessive and inaccurate brushing and combing. If split ends are left untreated, the... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair

Making hair grow more quickly involves keeping it healthy by trimming it to get rid of split ends, eating protein, massaging the scalp, and treating it with apple cider vinegar. When massaging the scalp, using warm oil c... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair

To cut hair with thinning shears, separate the hair into sections, point the scissors' tip towards the ceiling and cut the hair halfway up each section. Thinning shears are used to give thick hair more of a defined shape... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair

To roll your hair with spiral rods, brush it, fasten it into equal sections with butterfly clips, roll each section down a spiral rod, bend the rods until the ends cross, and leave them in for 20 minutes. This 45-minute ... More »

The most common treatment for split ends is to trim off the broken ends. Comb out the hair evenly, separate it into small sections, and trim the ends with scissors designed for hair. More » Beauty & Fashion Hair