Remembering the twin of a multiplication makes it easier to learn the multiplication table, as there are fewer multiplications to learn. For example, 2x8 and 8x2 both equal 16. More » Math Arithmetic

To teach multiplication, have students memorize the times tables and practice them at least twice a day for five to 10 minutes. Teach students multiplication tricks, such as skip counting, and turn multiplication problem... More » Education K-12 K-12 Curriculum

One way to help students learn multiplication is to make a multiplication grid with them. Study the patterns in the multiplication grid together, and practice the lower numbers first. Point out correspondences between fo... More » Education Homework Help

To use the multiplication grid, partition the numbers being multiplied into 10s and units to create easier numbers to multiply, and then add the results of the smaller multiplications together to get the final result. Fo... More » Math Arithmetic

You can find printable multiplication charts online on On the left-hand side of the homepage, click on "Multiplication" under the heading "Basic Topics." Then click on "Multiplication Tables and ... More » Math Arithmetic

Tips for learning multiplication tables include Skip Counting, which students can use to multiply any numbers. Students can learn two- and four-fact families using the Doubling and Double Double methods, respectively, wh... More » Math Arithmetic

When faced with a simple multiplication problem, the student locates the two known factors, one on the top row of the table and one on the left column, and locates where the row and column intersect. The number found at ... More » Math Arithmetic