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Find and save ideas about Shark tattoos on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Small shark tattoo, Shark drawing and Small shark. Find and save ideas about Shark tattoos on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Small shark tattoo, Shark drawing and Small shark.


18. This is a great example if you want a small shark tattoo. We like the yellow bubbles. 19. Here is a fantastic and very large tribal shark tattoo design. 20. This is such a great piece. There were definitely a few ink sessions involved here since there’s some layering that took place.


Tribal Shark Temporary Tattoo This great white shark is the symbol of survival. One of the oldest surviving creatures on the planet, the shark has been around for some 400 million years, long before people or most other modern animals roamed the earth.


90 Shark Tattoo Designs For Men – Top Of The Underwater Food Chain. ... The most popular you’re probably familiar with include the great white shark, tiger, blue, hammerhead and mako. ... 50 Tribal Shark Tattoo Designs For Men – Sea-Dweller Ink Ideas;


Shark tattoos have long been seen as the artistic expression of bravery, and an emblem for protection. The predatory nature of the shark makes it the perfect symbol for fortitude and a toughness of spirit. Many sailors wore shark tattoos to show their fearlessness towards the often menacing temper of the sea. This general emotion, […]


Great White Shark (Jaws) tattoo on guys shinbone. We use cookies on Tattoo Ideas to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.


Those who get the hammerhead shark tattoo are thought to be guardians, protectors, and those willing to go to any lengths to keep their inner circle safe. Great White Shark – By far the most popular of all shark tattoos, the Great White is a formidable force that has zero known natural enemies in the seas. They are at the top of the food ...


The great white shark comes with the most notoriety, but he is not alone; in fact, the hammerhead is rising through the ranks to take the throne among tribal shark tattoos. Other popular incarnations include the tiger shark and the bull shark.


Shark tattoos are some of the most coveted body arts when it comes to tattoos depicting marine life. Although the shark is a creature that usually evokes a feeling of fear and helplessness, people often prefer sporting them in their tattoo designs due to the rich symbolic meaning they convey.


Shark Tattoo Variations The type of elements you may add to your tattoo design is really a factor of your imagination. Most persons depict sharks in a powerful position, as if it is ready to fight and is on the hunt. The tattoos come in a variety of sizes and colors, the most popular being: Great White Shark Tattoos